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The Refugee Relief Initiative Adopt-a-Family Program was created to address the needs of Internally Displaced families facing extreme financial hardship and are homeless and or unable to afford food in the various communities around Cameroon. The Goal of this program is to provide for a family's basic living expenses (food, shelter, and healthcare) to prevent parents from engaging themselves or their children into prostitution, child labor and abuse, theft and many other vices in an attempt to survive. These families are referred by compassionate community member (CCM) who notify the organization of a family in desperate need of help as described above.


The Refugee Relief Initiative Adopt-a-Family program is a rewarding and fulfilling way to express love and become a "brothers keeper" by helping the neediest and most vulnerable families in our community. Through the CONNECT goal of Refugee Relief Initiative, organizations, businesses, and individuals will have an opportunity to adopt families with desperate financial need and support them monthly or bi-monthly with the goal of empowering them to achieve self reliance within a 6 to 12 months period. Sponsors can adopt a small family, large family, or multiple families. Sponsorship can range from $20/month to $100/month. Multiple sponsors can adopt one family to meet basic living expenses (food, shelter, healthcare). Interested Sponsors can also provide for education of the children in the family but it is totally optional.

"No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is brought to full expression in us." 1 John 4

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  • RRI is a faith based non-profit organization and volunteer based non-governmental humanitarian organization registered in Ohio, operating in Nigeria,
    Cameroon & Cincinnati.
  • We partner with other organizations, individuals, churches and community leaders to provide support to refugees and displaced persons and connect them with resources and available opportunities in their host communities.

Our Mission

To relieve the sufferings of displaced persons by connecting them to necessities and resources, provide education, training and empowerment opportunities for refugees to attain self-reliance and promote heathy and safe behaviors.

Our Vision

Empower displaced persons with knowledge, skills and training to make healthy and safe choices and to become self-reliant.

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Antoinette Sangye

President and Founder, USA
Wife, Mother, & Nurse. Lover of God & passionate about improving people's well being.

Alimasi Kajunju

Vice President

Patrick Tume


Fidelis Sangye

Board Adviser
Husband, Father, & Healthcare Professional. Passion for God and People.

Yvette Takwe

Secretary, USA
Mother, wife, and Nurse. Passionate about the things of God. Love to help people.

Simon Tata

Secretary, USA

Marcel Nyenty

Financial Secretary Accountant, Ohio, USA

Zheh Roger

Executive Director and
Chairman, Nigeria

Tem Martin

Public Relations Officer/Liaison Field Worker, Nigeria

What We Plan
Our Plans

Our Goals


We identity and connect refugees to individuals, organizations and resources as needed.


We educate refugees/IDPS on the vitals issues they need to know to make safe healthy decision and achieve a fulfilled lifestyle.


RRI trains refugees and displaced persons via skills acquisition workshops, field training and provides empowerment in the form of startup capital to enable them to engage in some IGAs to sustain their households.

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