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Scholarship Programs

Refugee Relief Initiative Scholarship Programme enables young refugee and internally displaced students to pursue their primary, secondary, and higher education in order to become self-reliant and become vital contributors to their host economies.
We achieve this in two ways:
1. By connecting interested sponsors with refugees students.
2. By connecting eligible refugee students with higher educational opportunities like national and international scholarships, internships and mentorships.

RRI sent trained volunteers with laptop and internet connectivity for free to eligible and interested refugee students in Akwa Ibom State to apply for the DAFI (Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative) scholarship in 2021.

In 2022 RRI also providing free laptop and internet connectivity to interested refugee students by help of Community Navigator to facilitate application for the Progetto Mediterraneo a.y 2022/2023 Luiss and Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Internazionale scholarship in Italy.


3 refugee students are currently being sponsored. And 4 IDP students.


What We Offer

Safe Motherhood Programs

Safe Motherhood Program (SMP), launched in May 2021 so far one beneficiary. Humbleness Isanga is a seventeen-year-old girl who gave birth to a seven-month-old preterm baby. She was supported with clothing and sanitary items for her and the baby, diapers, food items, payment of delivery fee and payment on rental in care of her elder sister.

What We Offer

Refugee Housing Programs

Refugee Housing Project (RHP) launched in April 2021 where payment of rentals was made; one-year rent of Twenty-four thousand naira (N24,000) paid for, plus bible and clothes and shoes for each member of the refugee households. Priority, on this project, is for single mothers, child-headed households and the elderly with a large number of dependents.  So far, fifteen (15) households have benefitted from serving about fifty-seven (57) refugees (including children). 

What We Offer

Agricultural Empowerment Programs

  • Agric. Empowerment Program (AEP) Phase 1; where farmlands were rented and cassava stems, pumpkin and maize seeds and water yam were given for planting to Thirty-two (32) households serving about one hundred and fifteen (115) refugees (including children) in February 2020. This project was aimed at food provision and reduction of food scarcity.  

Agric. Empowerment Program (AEP) Phase 2 where an eight thousand (8000) square meter expanse of land has been acquired in January 2021 on leased for a period of six (6) years for the purpose of crop production training and cultivation of cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, carrot, okra and pumpkin. The farm has a borehole, drip irrigation installed, farm implements purchased including a generator and hybrid seeds and agrochemicals are equally provided for by RRI.  Presently, ten (10) persons; six (6) refugees and four (4) community members are supported on the farm with cash-based intervention (CBI) ten thousand naira (N10,000) monthly.

What We Offer

Diverse Kills Training

RRI trains refugees and displaced persons via skills acquisition workshops, field training and provides empowerment in the form of startup capital to enable them to engage in some IGAs to sustain their households.


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