Frequently Asked Questions

We EDUCATE via skill training. We identify the most needing skills in the job market, we organize free training sessions, and certify the successful trainees. 

After certifying the successful trainees, we CONNECT them to various employers in the job market. Even after employment, we still follow up with their employer to make sure that they are exercising what they were trained on. 

We EMPOWER by giving them start up seeds. This is often done after training. And this is done only to the successful trainees. 

We’re a faith base organization, but our faith is not discriminatory. We’re strictly concern about humanity NOT religion. We’re concern about the welfare of humans NOT their various religions. Irrespective of your religion, we’re ready to hear you out and stand with you without reservations. 

Currently, we’re serving in the USA, Cameroon, and Nigeria. We’re committed to serving humanity and are looking forward to expand to more countries. Please, join us. 

We’re transparent. We don’t reserve our data. We’re not secretive to our sponsors. After your donation, you can request weekly or monthly or yearly report of how your donation is being managed. Being a sponsor is being part of the organization. It’s not a one man fit. It’s a global organization. 

Irrespective of your gender, irrespective of your religion, you’re welcome. You can become part of the organization as a sponsor or as a volunteer or as both. You’re welcome home. This is home. 

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