• Agric. Empowerment Program (AEP) Phase 1; where farmlands were rented and cassava stems, pumpkin and maize seeds and water yam were given for planting to Thirty-two (32) households serving about one hundred and fifteen (115) refugees (including children) in February 2020. This project was aimed at food provision and reduction of food scarcity.  

Agric. Empowerment Program (AEP) Phase 2 where an eight thousand (8000) square meter expanse of land has been acquired in January 2021 on leased for a period of six (6) years for the purpose of crop production training and cultivation of cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, carrot, okra and pumpkin. The farm has a borehole, drip irrigation installed, farm implements purchased including a generator and hybrid seeds and agrochemicals are equally provided for by RRI.  Presently, ten (10) persons; six (6) refugees and four (4) community members are supported on the farm with cash-based intervention (CBI) ten thousand naira (N10,000) monthly.

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